I Stand in Solidarity – Black Lives Matter

This time of pain, anger, and grief has compelled me to slow down and listen—both to the voices of others and that of my own conscience. Looking closely and honestly at myself and Capital Rep, I have been humbled to recognize the truth of the claims of systemic and pernicious racism that this moment in history has brought into the open, and to recognize the painful, urgent, and long-overdue changes that need to be made.

Last month, we moved out of our old theatre in downtown Albany, and now await the opening of our new artistic home, still under construction.  The metaphor of this timing is not lost on me, for, just as our new building is unfinished, so too is Capital Rep. Our location in Arbor Hill compels all of us involved in the theatre to examine our assumptions, fears and hopes, and presents opportunities to learn across lines of difference.  We must rebuild our home, from the inside out, taking the best of who we are, to create a sanctuary of justice, equality and redress.

As Capital Rep’s artistic leader, I take responsibility for any microaggression—omission, slight, insensitivity or racial blind spot—perpetuated by me or anyone at the theatre. I am sorry and offer an open heart to listen, learn, change.  I can and will do better to bring the best of myself and my coworkers to you. 

We will learn.

We will listen.

We will amplify the voices of black writers, artists and black-led partner organizations. We will continue to produce stories that tell the truth about America.  We will engage our patrons and community more deeply in tough, but necessary, dialogue about racism and bigotry. We will create a plan over the next few weeks and months and share it with our community, to bring equity, diversity and inclusion to all aspects of the theatre—including our staffing, our Boards, our volunteers and our work on stage and in schools.

I see you.  I stand by you.  

I am listening.

I will answer any email I receive if you want to have a conversation.  mcahill@capitalrep.org


Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill
Producing Artistic Director
Capital Repertory Theatre