Artistic Statement

From the Producing Artistic Director:

In every aspect of Capital Repertory Theatre’s work, we aim to create a home for artists and patrons in which all is possible; where past and present can exist at the same moment; a place where words spoken by our ancestors of 100, 500, 800 years ago give resonance to our daily lives and provide opportunity for understanding how we came to be who we are; a place where we can experience simultaneously what is happening on the other side of the world, the other side of the mountain or the other side of our own back door; a place where we become time and mind travelers; a place that delivers the world to us by using the most sophisticated mechanism known to humankind: the imagination.

Serving as a safe house for our cultural history, theREP preserves works of the past and present while developing works that expand the dramatic canon for generations to come. In a world defined more and more by difference, we celebrate those works that recognize the common threads that bind us together in the human family. Our eclectic mix of offerings reflects mainstream, as well as new horizons of thought, both of which we perceive as being capable of engaging the hearts and minds of those we serve. We recognize diversity as the greatest asset for all great art. We do more than produce plays. We provide education, training and community for regional artists, not-for-profit groups and organizations in pursuit of doing public good. We strive to be a reflection of our community’s inner life and soul. In all that we do, we foster hope and respect for all people.

theREP has renewed its commitment to ensure every creative team is a reflection of our commitment to these principles.