Got a minute?

We’ve partnered with a few of our Associate Artists to compile a series of 1-minute videos to hone your craft from the comfort of your home.  

New videos will be added weekly! 

Got a minute? Have two?
Peruse our list of topics below!  

Got a Minute?….Casting
with Stephanie Klapper

Got a Minute?…Acting 
with Kevin McGuire

Lesson 1: Acting is Doing
Lesson 2: Acting is Reacting
Lesson 3: Acting is Listening
Lesson 4: Acting is Trusting
Lesson 5: Acting is Discovery
Lesson 6: Acting is Remembering
Lesson 7: Acting is Recalling
Lesson 8: Acting is imagining
Lesson 9: Acting is Working
Lesson 10: Acting is Believing

Got a Minute?…The Actor’s Toolbox 
with Yvonne Perry

Lesson 1: Brushing Up Your Resume
Lesson 2: Updating Your Website
Lesson 3: The Actor’s Reel
Lesson 4: Looking Your Best on a Zoom Call

Got a minute?…Dance! with Freddy Ramirez

Lesson 1: Let’s Salsa
Lesson 2: Let’s Salsa
Lesson 3: The Thriller Dance